Tuesday 28 February 2017

B is for... Beresford, Major

Major Beresford took command of the British section of UNIT when the Brigadier was called away to Geneva, shortly before his retirement. Sir Colin Thackeray of the World Ecology Bureau brought the Doctor in to help investigate the discovery of a plant form, found deep in the Antarctic permafrost. This proved to be alien in origin - one of a pair of Krynoid seed pods. This infected a scientist, who began to mutate into a Krynoid. He was destroyed when the base was sabotaged. The Doctor followed the second pod to England, and the home of the ruthless plant-obsessed millionaire Harrison Chase. After discovering that Chase was going to cultivate the creature, the Doctor escaped and went to WEB where he met Beresford. Despite being a senior member of UNIT, he was skeptical about the threat the Krynoid posed - until reports started to come in of flora-related deaths in the immediate vicinity of Chase's mansion.
He gave the Doctor some new military defoliant, and a soldier to help him deploy it, then led an assault on the house with a laser-weapon attachment. This proved ineffectual against the growing Krynoid, and so he retreated and called in the RAF to bomb the site.

Played by: John Acheson. Appearances: The Seeds of Doom (1976).

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