Tuesday 28 February 2017

B is for... Berger

Pragmatic First Officer and Chief Navigator on a space-freighter which was approaching Earth, in the year 2526. The planet was on high alert due to a forthcoming conference, and the freighter crew were worried that they would lose their bonuses for late delivery of their cargo. Little did they know that the silos in the hold contained thousands of Cybermen - a force that would invade the planet once the conference had been destroyed by a massive bomb hidden in a cave system nearby. After the Doctor had defused the bomb, he took the TARDIS to the freighter to look for the source of the detonation signal. Berger discovered that her colleague, Ringway, who claimed to have the crew's best interests at heart, was really a Cyberman agent. She and Captain Briggs tried to help the Doctor defeat the Cybermen, but they were captured. Berger was one of those left on the ship as it was turned into a flying bomb. She attempted to talk Adric into joining them in the escape pod after Lt. Scott freed them from the bridge. After the freighter had fallen back through time some 65 million years and been destroyed - with Adric still aboard - Berger, Briggs and Scott were returned to their own time by the Doctor.

Played by: June Bland. Appearances: Earthshock (1982).

  • The first of two appearances in the series by Bland. She'll return as Elizabeth Rowlinson, the blind landlady of the Gore Crow Hotel who has her sight restored by Queen Morgaine in the 1989 story Battlefield.

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