Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Figurines Update

I didn't do a figurines post in December, because I didn't receive any figurines in December. Today a larger box turned up with four figures, as you can see above.
This will actually be the last of the regular updates on these, as I have decided to cancel my subscription. I still intend to collect - only from now on I am going to purchase only those figurines I want, concentrating mainly on the pre-2005 ones. Of the set I got today, only two were ones I actually wanted - so I could have saved half the money.
The two I could have done without were those I should have got in late December - the red New Paradigm Dalek Drone with the shinier finish, as it appeared in Asylum of the Daleks, and the Santa Roboform (the version which appeared in The Runaway Bride).
Of the more recent creatures to feature in the series, the Ice Warrior Empress Iraxxa was a wonderful design, so I'm pleased to have her. The only Classic Era figurine is the original crude Auton from Spearhead From Space, with its blue boiler suit.

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