Monday, 29 January 2018

D is for... Dalek Drones

Dalek nanotechnology allowed human beings to become their slaves. Their personalities were overwritten, and they were given built-in Dalek technology in the shape of an eye-stalk which could emerge from the forehead, and an energy weapon that could emerge from their hand. One of these drones was the woman who used to be Darla von Karlsen. She was sent to trap the Doctor, luring him to Skaro. She claimed to have escaped from a Dalek prison camp and wanted the Doctor to rescue her daughter. Other drones were sent to capture companions Amy and Rory. She was taken by her make-up assistant, Cassandra, and he by a converted bus driver. Their capture was required as the Daleks needed the Doctor to infiltrate the planet which they used as their asylum, housing all of their war-damaged kin.
The planet's atmosphere was full of the nanogenes which converted people into drones, unless protected by a special wrist-mounted control.

The Doctor and Amy met a young man named Harvey who claimed to be a survivor of a crashed Earth vessel. However, he had memories of dying in the crash. He and his skeletal colleagues were reanimated by the nanotechnology. One of them stole Amy's wrist control. She and Rory argued over which of them should get his control before she could become converted, until they discovered that the Doctor had secretly given his unit to her.

During the final stages of the war for Trenzalore, the Daleks defeated the Church of the Papal Mainframe and converted all of its personnel into drones. This included Silents as well as humans. The leader of the Church, Tasha Lem, was able to fight against the mental conditioning and attack the Daleks, allowing the Doctor to escape down to the planet. She later took the TARDIS to Earth to fetch Clara and bring her to the Doctor when he was dying of old age.

When Davros sent his servant Colony Sarff in search of the Doctor, finally locating him hiding out in Medieval England, the Daleks converted his friend Bors into a drone in order that he might locate the TARDIS for them.

Played by: Anamaria Marinca (Darla von Karlsen), Naomi Ryan (Cassandra), David Gyasi (Harvey), Orla Brady (Tasha Lem), Daniel Hoffmann-Hill (Bors).
Appearances: Asylum of the Daleks (2012), The Time of the Doctor (2013), The Magician's Apprentice (2015).

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