Monday, 29 January 2018

C is for... Cyber Shades

When a group of Cybermen escaped from the Void between universes to Victorian London, they had little resources with which to work. They had to make do with the technology available to them, and created Cyber Shades by converting animals. These creatures were shrouded in black robes, with crude face masks made from beaten copper. The Cyber Shades were used as guards in the construction of the Cyber King, keeping the young slave labour force in check, and they were also employed to spy on the local area. They were used to attack and capture some of the mourners at a funeral, as the Cybermen wanted the heads of the local workhouses under their control in order to increase their labour force. Having been converted from animals, they had remarkable agility, capable to clambering up the sides of buildings at great speed. They were all destroyed when Miss Hartigan self-destructed, wrecking the Cyber King.

Appearances: The Next Doctor (2008).

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