Monday, 29 January 2018

D is for... Dahh-Ren

A bald, blue-skinned humanoid who was one of the crew members of Chasm Forge, a deep space mining station. This was run by Ganymede Systems, and they had decided that the operations were not cost effective. As such, they had programmed the crew's spacesuits to conserve oxygen by killing their occupants with an electric shock. He survived as his suit had been off-line when they were programmed to kill. No stranger to racism herself, Bill Potts was inadvertently offensive towards him because of his blue skin. He did not like being called "Darren" either. Dahh-Ren was killed when his suit electrocuted him.

Played by: Peter Caulfield. Appearances: Oxygen (2017).

  • Dahh-Ren appears to belong to the same race as the janitor Jorj who we met on the Mondasian colony ship in The World Enough and Time. Other notable blue-skinned aliens include Dorium Maldovar, though he does not seem to be of the same species as he does not have the same yellow eyes. A closer match are the peoples of Crespallion, as seen in The End of the World, though they tended to decorate their skin with tattoos.

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