Monday, 29 January 2018

D is for... D84

D84 appeared to be a black Dum-Class robot based on Storm Mine 4. This vast mobile mineral refinery was crossing an inhospitable alien desert, seeking valuable ores. Both the Doctor and Leela became suspicious of D84 as he did not act like other robots. When confronted, he revealed that he was really a government agent, working in partnership with a human operative named Poul. Both had been placed on the Mine in order to try to identify a criminal named Taren Capel, a scientific genius who was attempting to foment a robot revolution. Unfortunately Poul suffered a mental breakdown when confronted by evidence that robots could be made to kill. The softly spoken D84 then allied himself with the Doctor to continue the investigations. As a robot, he tended to take everything that the Doctor said quite literally. The Doctor devised a scheme to disable all the robots, and made it clear to D84 that it would destroy him as well if he were present when it was activated. The robot SV7 attacked D84 with a Laserson Probe. Badly damaged, D84 was able to activate the Doctor's device, sacrificing himself to destroy all the robots which Capel had converted.

Played by: Gregory de Polnay. Appearances: The Robots of Death (1977).

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