Friday, 2 June 2017

DWM - and Infinity

I read last night that the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine was going to have a choice of two covers, and would have a 1960's theme to tie in with the imminent return of two aliens who first appeared in that decade. I obviously thought that I would pick up the Mondasian Cybermen version, having a certain soft spot for Cybermen above all other Doctor Who monsters. I get to my local W H Smiths after work, and there is the Ice Warrior Empress one staring down at me off the shelf. I start leafing through the copies behind - and they're all bloomin' Ice Warrior ones.

Now I was going to pen a strongly worded e-mail to DWM about this - using analogies with Brexit and the forthcoming General Election about democratic choice etc, but then thought I would just have a moan here instead. The Ice Empress is quite a striking image after all.
Whilst in W H Smiths (other newsagents are available), I was reminded that next week sees the release of Issue No.2 of a new Sci-Fi magazine called Infinity.

You therefore only have a couple of days to get hold of this premier issue. It's from the publishers of Dark Side Magazine, who produce a fantastic 6-weekly publication covering horror film and TV, including some Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I've been buying DS for the last 18 months or so, and would thoroughly recommend it. Lots of Hammer and Universal material - my favourites - but they also have a notable penchant for Italian giallo such as that by Argento and Fulci. There's a comprehensive DVD / Blu-Ray review section each issue. The quality of the articles is on a par with Andrew Pixley's Doctor Who archive work - very in-depth, with lots of photographs I've not seen before - and I had all the Alan Frank horror movie books back in the day. When I read they were starting a purely Sci-Fi magazine, I knew I had to buy it. The first issue has a feature on the William Hartnell era, and the second promises a look at the Peter Cushing Dalek movies.
Get out and buy Issue No.1 this weekend - you won't be disappointed. Unlike me, with that Cyberman cover...
"Dear Doctor Who Magazine,
Imagine my surprise when..."

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