Wednesday, 14 June 2017

B is for... Buchanan, Joe

When the TARDIS materialised in what appeared to be a hotel, circa 1980's, the Doctor, Amy and Rory encountered a party of people who were trapped there. Behind each door in the complex lay someone's darkest fear. Joe Buchanan had already encountered his - ventriloquist dummies. The Doctor found him in the dining room, which was full of dummies. He had been tied up by his friends for his own protection. He was in a manic, euphoric state. The Doctor noted from his tie-pin and cuff-links that he was a gambler. At first the Doctor thought that the Minotaur creature that was stalking them was feeding on their fear, but he later realised that it was their faith on which it fed. In Joe's case, his faith was in luck. Joe was killed by the Minotaur.

Played by: Daniel Pirrie. Appearances: The God Complex (2011).

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