Tuesday, 6 June 2017

B is for... Brotadac

Cruel, but rather dim-witted, second-in-command of the Gaztaks - a mercenary force led by General Grugger. They were tasked by Meglos, last of the Zolfa-Thurans, with abducting a human male from Earth. He was to act as a template so that Meglos could assume the appearance of the Doctor. This was so that he could retrieve the power source for a devastating weapon. The Gaztaks took Meglos to the neighbouring planet of Tigella in order to get the power source - the Dodecahedron - which ran the Tigellan underground city. Brotadac was envious of the Doctor's burgundy overcoat. Back on Zolfa-Thura, he got two of them - one from Meglos, and the other from the Doctor, who was impersonating the alien who was impersonating him. The Doctor sabotaged the weapon so that it backfired on itself - and Brotadac and the Gaztaks were killed along with Meglos.

Played by: Frederick Treves. Appearances: Meglos (1980).

  • Treves' great uncle was the physician, also Frederick, who discovered John Merrick, the Elephant Man - the character portrayed by Anthony Hopkins in the David Lynch film.
  • The writers of Meglos admitted to Treves that his character's name was an anagram of "bad actor", as they had expected someone less distinguished to be given the role.

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