Wednesday, 14 June 2017

B is for... Bucket, Lorna

A young woman who was a Cleric in the army of the Papal Mainframe. She came from the Gamma Forests, and had met the Doctor when she was a child. Her colleagues were convinced she only joined the army in order to meet him again. Stationed on the asteroid Demons Run, she tried to be friendly to Amy Pond, who was held captive there after giving birth to her daughter Melody. Lorna gave Amy a prayer leaf - a piece of cloth embroidered with the baby's name. When the Doctor and his friends turned up to rescue Amy, Lorna elected to join them. She was able to warn the Doctor that a trap had been set for him. She was fatally wounded in the subsequent battle. The Doctor told her he remembered her, but then admitted this was not the case after she had passed away. River Song's true identity was revealed when the TARDIS tried to translate the name on the prayer leaf.

Played by: Christina Chong. Appearances: A Good Man Goes To War (2011).

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