Tuesday, 6 June 2017

B is for... Brockless, Tommy

Tommy Brockless was a young soldier who was hospitalised in Cardiff in 1918, suffering from shell-shock. Torchwood agents Carter and Derbyshire realised that he was at the centre of temporal disturbances. They had him removed from the hospital - St Teilo's - and had him placed in cryogenic suspension at the Hub. He was to be unfrozen one day per year, in order to undergo a medical check-up. Instructions were left that Tommy would one day be called upon to save the city. Toshiko Sato elected to look after him on the days he was unfrozen, and she became attached to him - looking forward to the annual event. St Teilo's was in the process of being demolished, and Captain Jack discovered that the temporal disturbances were increasing. The 1918 time zone was in danger of clashing with the 21st Century. It was realised that Tommy would need to be sent back in order to activate a Rift device that would seal the time breach. However, he was due to be executed for his shell-shock, branded a coward. Going back would mean his death. Tommy decided to go back, but his illness stopped him from activating the device. Tosh sent an image of herself back in order to help him.

Played by: Anthony Lewis. Appearances: TW: To The Last Man (2008).

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