Wednesday, 14 June 2017

B is for... Bruce, Donald

Donald Bruce was the Head of Security for the World Zones Authority in the early part of the 21st Century. His role meant that he worked closely with Salamander, who was building a power base for himself - blackmailing or disposing of his political rivals. Bruce came across the Doctor in the office of Giles Kent, after he investigated a number of deaths at Astrid Ferrier's home. She was a known associate of Kent's. The Doctor looked like the would-be dictator, and managed to fool him. He inadvertently allowed Salamander to realise that he might have a doppelganger. A bluff, no nonsense man, Bruce saw himself as impartial, and so was open to at least listening to the allegations that the Doctor and Kent made about Salamander's methods. His suspicions aroused, he discovered the full extent of Salamander's crimes. He gave Jamie and Victoria safe passage and then arrested Salamander's personal security chief, Benik. Salamander fled, only to die when he was sucked out of the TARDIS after trying to impersonate the Doctor.

Played by: Colin Douglas. Appearances: The Enemy of the World (1967 / 8).

  • Douglas announced to his co-stars that he felt acting in Doctor Who was beneath him, and he would never appear in the programme again...
  • Douglas played lighthouse keeper Reuben in Horror of Fang Rock, in which he also voiced the alien Rutan.

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