Tuesday, 6 June 2017

B is for... Broken Tooth

A member of the Tribe of the Free on the planet Ravolox. He acted as right hand man to Queen Katryca. He had lived in the underground domain ruled over by Drathro - the L3 robot. Drathro ordered periodic culls of the population to maintain numbers, but a Train Guard named Merdeen secretly sent those to be killed out onto the surface, where they joined the Tribe. This is how Broken Tooth came to be part of the Tribe.
As no-one had ever seen Drathro, he had the reputation of being an immortal god. When the L1 servo robot was sent out to recapture the Doctor, Broken Tooth and his warriors destroyed it. Believing that it was Drathro that they had destroyed, Katryca led the Tribe on an attack on the underground shelter. They found that the "Immortal" was still alive, and Drathro killed Katryca and Broken Tooth with a powerful electric shock.

Played by: David Rodigan. Appearances: The Trial of a Time Lord (Parts 1 - 4) - AKA The Mysterious Planet (1986).

  • Rodigan is best known as a DJ, specialising in reggae music.

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