Tuesday, 1 March 2016

February Figurines

Three figurines for this month - two regular ones plus the latest Special Edition. Taking the latter first, we have the Face of Boe, who first appeared in 2005's End of the World.
Hard to believe I know, but this is what John Barrowman will look like in about 5 Billion years time. And he'll still be doing telly... What is nice is that we get to see the full tank-like arrangement that hides behind the big glass compartment that houses the Face. In his three TV appearances, we never really got to see this. A word of warning - the plasti-glass on the front is really quite flimsy.
Next up we have the first of the characters from the most recent series. The Fisher King is a wonderful sculpt. Lots of boney detail. Shame the character never appeared much on TV. All that work, and he's hardly seen. He holds a gun, and I never even noticed a weapon when I watched the episode.

I sincerely hope that they find a way to bring this race back, as we never really got to see what they were all about in Before The Flood.
Lastly, we have Scaroth, last of the Jagaroth, from the all-time classic City of Death.

It's the mask-less Count Scarlioni version of Scaroth we get. I'm sure actor Julian Glover will appreciate how tall and slim they've made him. The pistol does look more like Han Solo's blaster than what it should be like.
I say it every time, but it is always nice to see figurines from the classic series. In March we get a Pertwee Silurian, as well as another figure from the last series - Colony Sarff.

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