Saturday, 27 February 2016

Next week - Return to the DWE and another TARDIS Tour.

Am still busily compiling my A-Z list for the forthcoming (sure to be long-running) post series that replaces "TARDIS Travels". It has been interesting work so far. You would expect a Sci-Fi series to feature lots of characters / aliens beginning with those letters that score highest in Scrabble, but this is not the case. "S" and "M" are far and away the most popular letters to begin character and alien names.
Russell T Davies' love of the surname Tyler is well known, but it just happens to have a bit of lineage throughout the series.
Anyway, that's to come. Just like to tell you that it's my birthday next week, and I am treating myself to another trip to Cardiff. Not only will I be seeing the Series 9 exhibits that have been added to The Doctor Who Experience, but the chance of another tour of the TARDIS set is available, and I'm already signed up.
Before then, you'll get to read my wit and wisdom concerning Remembrance of the Daleks, plus my look at February's figurine collection items - if they ever arrive. Were due yesterday... Next ones due are a Fisher King, a Pertwee Silurian and Scaroth, plus a special edition of the Face of Boe.

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