Tuesday, 8 March 2016

TARDIS Tour - March 2016.

So you're probably wondering: he's been there before; he's written about it before; he's shown us some of his snaps before... What's there new to say?
Well there's this:

And then there's this:

Yes, they've done something a bit different with the TARDIS set tours this year. On my last two visits to Roath Lock, we had to sit outside the TARDIS whilst smaller groups went inside to have a look round. One of the Experience crew would then try to get some conversation going - favourite Doctor, favourite story / episode - that kind of thing.
The other day, though, we instead got a presentation from one of the DWE crew about the TARDIS police box props, Daleks and costumes, as well as some background stuff about the Experience itself. The Rigsy-painted TARDIS box was there, plus Clara's costume from Face The Raven / Heaven Sent, plus the Raven's birdcage. (Anyone thinking the birdcage was the same one that held the wizened old Doctor in Last of the Time Lords will be wrong).
A Dalek was then disassembled for us to root around in. One without the complex remote control additions, I should add.

Hardly changed at all since 1963. I got to fondle the sucker and move the gun stick and utility arm. Strange how the simplest things can make you so happy...
There were a couple of Daleks on sentry duty outside the TARDIS set as well, one a rather battered version - though not Rusty from Inside The Dalek.

After the presentation my group then entered the TARDIS. Obviously, the other half of the group had the talk when they came out. I'm glad it was this way round, as the presentation might have been just a tiny bit of an anti-climax after spending time in the actual TARDIS console room. It always amazes me how small the control room feels, thanks to the lenses they use on the show that make it look it far bigger. In a way, the TARDIS is smaller on the inside...
Here are some pics. The Doctor's guitar was there, but I didn't manage to capture it on film (or android phone rather), but you will notice a copy of one of Rembrandt's self-portraits. Or was it a portrait of the artist by the Doctor, in the Dutchman's own style...?

You don't just stand by the console. You get to go up to the higher level, then descend to the area underneath.

The tour took an hour from start to finish, including getting there and back. That comprised about 20 minutes with the presentation, plus about 15 minutes on the set itself - more than enough time to have a good look round. And if you miss anything, there's always the next TARDIS tour scheduled for - well, who knows? Filming will resume in May so the set will be pretty much busy from then through to the end of 2016. The DWE won't have anything new to show us before then either, what with no new Who until Xmas, so my next visit isn't likely to be for another 18 months or so. Mind you, Cardiff Bay in the summer is lovely. I might just go back then, even if there isn't a set tour.
Before I sign off, here's a couple of shots from the outside of the TARDIS set.

Check back in a day or two for the latest of my story reviews (held back from last week) - Remembrance of the Daleks. And I'm still putting that A - Z list together. Decisions, decisions. Does Cully get a post on his own, or do I lump him in with Dulcians...?

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