Wednesday, 30 March 2016

A is for... Adam (1)

One of the leaders of The People, a group who believed they were travelling to another world to begin a new society. This was part of Operation Golden Age. Adam was really the writer Nigel Castle. Like the rest of The People, he was sick of the way that the Earth had been polluted, and that society was breaking down. He was upset by his fellow leader Ruth's insistence that Sarah Jane Smith might have to be killed, as she was sowing dissent. He was prepared to listen to her, and to fellow People member Mark. Like everyone else on the "spaceships", he was horrified to find that he had been duped by Sir Charles Grover. The ship they were on was a mock-up built beneath the streets of London. Instead of a new world, they would have emerged onto an Earth on which generations would have been destroyed by Grover and Prof. Whitaker, by rolling back time to some pre-industrial era.

Played by Brian Badcoe. Appearances: Invasion of the Dinosaurs (1974).

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