Friday, 18 March 2016

A is for... Abbot of Amboise

French Catholic churchman who, in 1572, was involved in a plot to assassinate the leading Protestant statesman Admiral de Coligny. The Doctor's companion Steven Taylor met a servant girl who had run away from his household, after hearing threats of a massacre of the Protestant Huguenots. When Steven met the Abbot, he discovered that he was identical in appearance to the Doctor, and for a time he thought it was his friend masquerading as the cleric. When the assassination failed, the Abbot was blamed, and killed on the orders of Marshal Tavannes.

  • No images of the Abbot exist, as this story is entirely lost apart from the soundtrack and a handful of photos.
  • There never has been anyone with the title of Abbot of Amboise. The story contains a number of real historical figures, but he is not one of them.

Played by William Hartnell. Appearances: The Massacre (1966).

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