Wednesday, 30 March 2016

A is for... Adam (2)

Physical embodiment of an alien entity which infiltrated the Cardiff branch of Torchwood. This being could only survive if he was remembered by others. He was able to plant false memories in people through touch. Dr Owen Harper was turned into a rather gawky nerd, Toshiko Sato into a more sexualised and empowered woman. Gwen Cooper was on leave when he arrived, so everyone was shocked when she reacted strongly on seeing him. He changed her memories so that she remembered him, but unfortunately for him this led to her forgetting her fiance Rhys. Returning home and finding Rhys in her home, she called on Torchwood for help.
Concerns about Adam were planted in the heads of Ianto Jones and Captain Jack Harkness. To counter this, Adam made Ianto believe that he was a serial killer, driving him to despair.
Adam then opened up long-suppressed memories of Jack's childhood in the Boeshane Peninsula, and of the events when he lost his younger brother, Gray - abducted as a child by hostile alien creatures.
Jack had Adam locked up in the cells, and then administered the memory-wiping drug Ret-Con to his team, so that they would forget the last few days - and so forget Adam. Adam tried to survive by wanting Jack to recall his childhood memories, but he too decided to take Ret-Con. Adam simply faded away as everyone forgot him.
Little is known of his origins, but he claims to have come from the Void, and to forget him will cast him back there. This may well be the Void between dimensions mentioned in the 2006 and 2008 series.
  • The opening sequence to this episode tried to wrong-foot viewers by cutting clips of Adam into the usual footage, as though he had indeed always been a team member.
Played by Brian Dick. Appearances: Torchwood 2.5 - Adam.

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