Saturday, 26 March 2016

A is for... The Abomination

The Mona Lisa's "brother" which she tried to release. He was painted by Giuseppe di Cattivo, a neighbour of Leonardo Da Vinci. Da Vinci once borrowed some pigments from him, not realising that they were mixed with sentient rock dust that had come to Earth in a meteorite. The Abomination was so hideous that di Cattivo went mad, and the painting was locked away in the vaults of Britain's International Gallery for centuries.
When the Mona Lisa was loaned to the gallery, the proximity to the Abomination caused her to come to life. She armed herself with a Sontaran blaster, which Clyde Langer had painted into his competition-winning composition. The Abomination could only be released with an ornate puzzle box, which Sarah Jane Smith's young companions broke. However, Clyde could draw the box - which meant that it could also be brought into being. He had also drawn K9, which arrived in time to stop the Abomination manifesting itself and destroying the world.
Appearances: Mona Lisa's Revenge - Sarah Jane Adventures 3.5.

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