Wednesday, 10 April 2013

When is a spoiler not a spoiler?

In my very first post on this blog - around about a year ago now - I said that I did not intend to broadcast spoilers. I would actively try to avoid them as I hate them myself, and certainly don't want to inflict them on others.
A little while later I posted another piece in which I pointed out that the worst spoiler merchants were actually the BBC themselves.
Seems that, sometimes, these things are just unavoidable. Unless you were in retreat at Det-sen Monastery in Tibet, you will have seen the images (and official BBC videos) from the filming in Trafalgar Square the other day. Filming also took place at the Tower of London on Monday and it was announced that Jemma Redgrave would be reprising her role as Kate Stewart of UNIT in the 50th Anniversary Special.
Ingrid Oliver's casting was also announced and it would appear she has taken over from Malcolm as UNIT's scientific adviser (eccentric / big fan of the Doctor variety) - seen as she was sporting an over-long multi-coloured scarf.
When the Zygon image was released last week, I speculated that the BBC probably thought that it would be hard to keep hidden - so they might as well show it. So far, no Zygons in prominent locations.
Those of you who have managed to identify Joanna Page's character will have had it confirmed in a line of dialogue overheard in Trafalgar Square.
Matt Smith teased the word "paintings" when on a chat show a few weeks ago, commenting on the special.
How significant it is that the National Gallery lines the northern side of the Square is yet to be known.
So, without really going looking for any of it, we have a returning monster, a returning character, a returning Doctor and companion, a historical figure, and a visual fx set-piece all revealed just over a week into production.
In many ways I'll be glad when they lock themselves away behind closed studio doors at Roath Lock...

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