Thursday, 18 April 2013

Hide - the spoiler-ish round-up...

You'll notice that it isn't a spoiler-free round-up this week. That's because the BBC America trailer appears to give away a fairly significant plot point. As these round-ups are taken from stuff that's in the public domain, I will refer to it - but will leave it until the end, along with a bit of speculation.
The location is Caliburn House in 1974.
The place has been haunted for as long as anyone can remember - by an apparition known as the Witch from the Well.
The ghost wants someone to help it and is being chased.
Investigating the house are Major Alex Palmer (Dougray Scott) and psychic Emma Grayling (Jessica Raine).
It is a ghost story.
Except it isn't.
It's a love story.
Or two.
The spooky stuff is confined to the opening section. It becomes more sci-fi thereafter.
Someone (possibly Clara) is going to go down in my estimation as they think whiskey has the eleventh worst smell in the world. (The number 11 does seem to be significant this series, beyond the obvious).
Three publicity images feature the Doctor (and Clara) visiting other worlds. One of them is a lush forested world, another looks like Mars, but with a ruined city, and the third a volcanic world.
Maybe the same world, in three different eras?
The Sanctuary Base 6 spacesuit makes a reappearance.
The Doctor seems to have taken up photography.
The TARDIS doesn't like someone - or so they think.
Companion - or assistant? It's the 1970's after all.
The Radio Times warns of a "gloopy" ending. I assume they mean sentimental, as opposed to a Russian word for stupid...
Lastly - that BBC America information:

The "Witch" is a time traveller trapped in another dimension which is in danger of collapsing.
The images with the Doctor in a harness and the blinding light etc. suggest that the Doctor crosses over to the other dimension to rescue whoever is trapped there.
Speculation time - could the apparition actually be the Doctor or Clara, in one of those circuitous timey-wimey temporal paradoxes? In going to rescue the trapped time-traveller, the time-traveller becomes trapped and so becomes the one who needs to be rescued?
Alternatively, it's Palmer and Grayling themselves.

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