Thursday, 4 April 2013

DWM 459 news items

A few snippets of information about forthcoming episodes in today's new DWM. The previews section offers the following:
The Rings of Akhaten - Seven planets orbiting a star. A shared belief that all life in the Universe originated on Akhaten. The Doctor and Clara visit Tiaanamaat market for the once in a thousand years Festival of Offerings. There is a photograph of the Doctor talking to a little girl in a park, her parents looking on. Nothing in the text about this image, but I suppose we have to assume it might be a young Clara.
Cold War - The submarine is called the Firebird, and it is sinking. Two images of the Ice Warrior - one encased in a block of ice, and another with it chained up after being thawed out. It is supposed to be one of Mars' greatest warriors. It is called Skaldak, and is a Grand Marshal. It intends to use one of the Firebird's missiles to start World War Three.
Hide - Set in Caliburn Hall in 1974. The Doctor wears a parachute style harness in a couple of images.
Journey to the Heart of the Tardis - The TARDIS crashes. Clara is trapped somewhere at its heart. The ship is invaded by the three Van Baalen brothers (Gregor, Bram and Tricky) who want to salvage the ship - break it up and sell the parts. The Doctor activates the self-destruct to force them to help him find Clara. She, meanwhile, has discovered something which the Doctor would rather have kept hidden.
Referring to the finale, there are simply mentions of a secret being out...

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