Friday, 5 April 2013

The Rings of Akhaten - spoiler-free roundup

My weekly round-up of what's known so far about Saturday's new episode.
Clara's first proper journey in the TARDIS.
A second encounter for the Doctor with the younger Clara, and a bit about her family life.
We'll learn more about the significance of the leaf.
The Doctor has been to Akhaten before - with his granddaughter Susan.
The Doctor and Clara arrive at the Market of Tiaanamaat to witness the Festival of Offerings, which takes place once in every millennia.
Akhaten is one of seven worlds orbiting a star, and all seven worlds have a common belief that all life in the Universe sprang  from here.
Other aliens present include Panbabylonians, Lucanians, Lugal-Irra-Kush, Hoolovoo, Geth Lukin, Qom Vo Tivig, and a Terraberserker from the Kodian Belt.
Not all the aliens are new to the programme. (Possibly previously used in the background  to the space bar where the Tenth Doctor set Captain Jack up on a date with Midshipman Frame, or the Maldovarium?).
Egyptian imagery (a Mummy, pyramid and the name Akhaten appears to derive from the "Heretic Pharaoh"  Akhenaten).
The Mummy is sleeping and is kept in that state through song.
The red robed figures seen in the trailers appear to be the Choristers - who I assume keep the Mummy from waking. The Mummy is guarded by the Vigil (but in a good way or a bad one?).
The Mummy wants a sacrifice when it awakes. Possibly little Merry, the Queen of Years, whom the Choristers seem to be hunting?
The Doctor and Clara ride a speeder bike.
The Doctor sings.
Cumbria gets a mention two stories in a row.

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