Sunday, 7 April 2013

That Was The Week That as 7.4.13

The overnight viewing figures for The Rings of Akhaten were 5.5 million. A drop on last week's opener, but then first nights always attract more people, and the weather has finally started to improve in the UK. It was still third behind the two rival talent shows and with the same audience share.
Let's see how the consolidated figures look next week.
Apparently, the episode has divided opinion. If a story is badly written, badly acted, badly produced, then criticism is deserved. If a story is derided just because it is different and not like story x, y or z, then people are missing the point of Doctor Who. It can be anything it wants to be. Every single episode can be different. That's what makes it totally unique. A lot of the criticism has surfaced on Twitter - where you don't have the characters to explain why you don't like something. You can just gripe and run. Works both ways, of course. If you like something, try saying why. (I really don't get Twitter. Millions of people talking to each other - and saying nothing. Do I really want to know what a complete stranger had for breakfast this morning?).
Anywho, on to other things.

Filming has begun on the 50th Anniversary story. Tennant and Smith, and their respective TARDISes, have been seen at the same location - along with the redesigned Zygon and guest artist Joanna Page. I stumbled across a picture of the latter, and now know who she is playing. Spoilerphiles can go hunt out the identity themselves. A bit of non-news is that Christopher Eccleston will not be appearing (unless they use a clip).
The filming does act as a bit of a spoiler for the current series' finale - in that we know Clara doesn't get killed off, and the Doctor won't be regenerating. A synopsis for the finale hinted Trenzalore - but that is obviously going to have to wait.
Any fears that the programme is going to be rested any time soon will be dispelled with the news that a new Exec-Producer is being sought. Moffat does tend to go through them, doesn't he?

April is going to be a Doctor Who DVD-free month. Good news, though, that The Moonbase is going to get a stand-alone release soon, with animated episodes 1 & 3. Of course, there is just one other story that only requires two episodes to be animated in order to complete it. When might we see a release for The Crusade?

Lastly, contributing to the anniversary celebrations, the UK's Mirror newspaper has been publishing on-line a handful of their huge stash of (often rare) pictures - such as the one above.
Next week - after nearly 40 years away - it's all about the return of the Ice Warriors.

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