Thursday, 18 April 2013

Un-Regenerate Box Set

The mysterious "Regeneration Box Set" - £43.95 on Amazon these last few weeks - has now been pulled from the schedules. The "Monster Collection" sets I mentioned yesterday seem to be confirmed - but with no word on their contents yet.
My big fear for the "Regeneration" set was that it might include The Tenth Planet, months before any of us could purchase the story as a stand-alone release.
It may be that the box set has been put back to coincide with the Cyberman story's release, rather than cancelled altogether.
I would still be concerned about this box set (as I am with the "Monster" ones) if they contain any parts of pre-existing box sets.
For instance, if "Regeneration" had Logopolis and / or Castrovalva included, any new fan wishing to get hold of The Keeper of Traken would have to buy the stories again - a wastefully expensive thing to force on people.

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