Thursday, 11 April 2013

Cold War - spoiler-free round-up

As always, from a variety of sources. On the face of it, a more straightforward adventure this week.
Set in February 1983.
Russian nuclear submarine "Firebird" travelling under the Arctic ice.
Captained by Zhukov, played by Liam Cunningham.
Also onboard is Lt Stephasin, played by Tobias Menzies, and Professor Grisenko - David Warner.
Grisenko is quite Doctor-ish (of, course he has played an alternative Doctor on audio).
He is a big fan of decadent Western pop music - and you don't get much more decadent than Ultravox's "Vienna".
The Ice Warrior is called Skaldak (played by regular monster artiste Spencer Wilding, and voiced by Nicholas Briggs).
Skaldak is a Grand Marshal, and the Doctor knows of him.
Skaldak starts off encased in ice (having been entombed for thousands of years) and once thawed out is left chained up.
Naturally he escapes, and the submarine becomes crippled.
The Doctor and Clara don't mess about getting involved in the action - as the TARDIS materialises in the middle of the control room.
Clara picks up on the TARDIS telepathic circuits' ability to translate languages in your head.
Skaldak intends to use the nuclear weapons to heat up the Cold War.
There is something new about the Ice Warriors (or this one at least). Something to do with their "appearance" seems to be heavily hinted.
One continuity issue it will be interesting to see if they address is the fact that Skaldak doesn't resemble the Grand Marshal we saw in The Seeds of Death, or the "Ice Lords" of the same story and the Peladon tales. He looks like a normal Warrior.
Movies that it is supposed to remind you of: "Crimson Tide", "The Hunt For Red October" and "The Thing From Another World".

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