Sunday, 21 October 2012

That Was The Week That Was 21.10.12

Earlier in the week you would have found it hard to miss the pictures in the papers of Series 7 part 2 filming. Matt Smith and J-LC were in London. Beside the Thames, there were several motorbike scenes - including the Doctor apparently riding the bike out of the TARDIS - as Ten did with his scooter in The Idiot's Lantern. Pictures are all spoiler free. Filming also took place at Wembley. According to the list of episodes in the new DWM (453) these scenes ought to be for the first episode - or 7.7 if you prefer.

As well as giving us the second half line up for 2013, DWM also gave us details of the next batch of DVD releases. I would ignore the date of 25th June for Terror of the Zygons - it isn't a Monday next year.
The second half of Series 7 is stated to begin "in the Spring". This would appear to make a mockery of Mr. Moffat's continual assertion that Doctor Who should be shown on dark winter evenings. Not that it's any of his fault, but the scheduling of the programme since RTD left has been all over the place - including the longest ever gap between episodes. And before anyone starts arguing about the definition of Spring, bear in mind that the second episode hasn't even been filmed yet.
Disappointingly, there's no Fact of Fiction feature this month. We do, however, get a significant tribute to the late Mary Tamm.

Elsewhere, it has been announced that the Doctor Who Christmas Special will be broadcast on the day itself - an unheard of move by the BBC who normally never schedule anything this early.

Lastly, for those of us missing Arthur and Karen already, he will be back at the Globe Theatre in London in 2013 - but not in person. He is providing the music for Che Walker's new play The Lightning Child. She, meanwhile, is in the States filming a horror movie called Oculus.

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