Sunday, 14 October 2012

That Was The Week That Was 14.10.12

The final viewing figures for The Angels Take Manhattan were released at the beginning of the week. Time-shifted viewing added just under 2 million. Around 1 million people have accessed the episode on the BBC i-player service. The average viewing figures for series 7 are up when compared to the combined 2011 episodes - and there is still the 2012 Christmas Special to be included.

Biggest news item of the week was obviously the additional "epilogue" to TATM. Called "P.S." it was an unrecorded scene comprising storyboards, stage directions and a narrated letter from Rory to his dad - delivered by Brian's grown-up grandson Anthony. As well as learning that Amy and Rory adopted a child, we also discovered that they were sent back to 1932 approx (Rory mentions "50 years before I was born". That's assuming Rory is roughly the same age as the person playing him). The narration was recorded by Arthur Darvill himself.

Lastly, Smith and Moffat visited the Cardiff Experience this week and both got themselves well and truly plastered. Or cemented, rather. Both left handprints. I assume this is something which will be added to over time to give us a Wall of Fame. New additions to the exhibition part of the Experience include Oswin's dress, Soloman's costume and his robots, the chained Oswin Dalek, Grayle's captured Angel and some Cherubs.

Next week we have DWM 453 to look forward to. As well as looking at the final days of the Ponds, it is due to have a major tribute to the late Mary Tamm.

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