Thursday, 18 October 2012

2013 News

Some interesting items in the new DWM (issue 453). First of all is the confirmation that Madam Vastra will be back in the Christmas Special, along with Jenny and Sontaran nurse Strax. You may have already seen photographs of them all on set already - with Strax dressed as a butler - but this is the first official word on the matter. I'm assuming that Dan Starkey is playing a Strax from the same clone-batch, as we saw him killed on Demon's Run.
The line-up for the remaining 8 episodes is listed. Don't expect to see them until the Spring. DWM has them down as episodes 1 - 8, rather than 7.7 to 7.13.
Episode 1 is written by Steven Moffat and is currently filming. You may have seen the press photos of Smith on a motorbike in London this week.
Episode 2 is written by Neil Cross. Not recorded yet.
Episode 3 is the first of Mark Gatiss' scripts. It features David Warner and Liam Cunningham.
Episode 4 is also written by Neil Cross, and is the one guest starring Dougray Scott. It has been called "Hider in the House" by its director, and "Phantom of the Hex" on a guest artist's CV.
Episode 5 is written by Stephen Thompson, and features Ashley Walters.
Episode 6 is Mark Gatiss' second script - and is the one guest starring Dame Diana Rigg.
Episode 7 is written by Neil Gaiman and is yet to be recorded.
Episode 8 is by Moffat - again not yet filmed.

DVD news:
7th January: The Legacy Box
28th January: The Reign of Terror
18th February: The Ark in Space S.E.
11th March: The Aztecs S.E. - including the Galaxy 4 episode "Airlock".
25th June: Terror of the Zygons
Also in June is a Blu-ray release of Spearhead from Space, with exclusive bonus features on Jon Pertwee and Caroline John.

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