Saturday, 27 October 2012

Assimilation Squared Issue 6

My copy arrived this morning. Naturally, don't read further if you are still waiting for yours...

Things start to move forward as we approach the final two issues.
The TARDIS and Enterprise teams meet a group of Borg on a remote planetoid - Tau Lee. The Borg explain how their alliance with the Cybermen came to break down. Both sides started out with the understanding of how their technologies could complement each other and make them stronger and more efficient. However, each side didn't trust the other and were looking at ways to gain the upper hand. The Cybermen proved superior, when the Cyber-Controller found a way to access the Collective's Executive Routines in their Core Memory. It could basically shut down the Borgs' higher decision-making functions - rendering them inert. This group has only been left unaffected as it is part of a maintenance sub-routine.
The Borg use an assimilated Starfleet Captain as their envoy - an old friend of Riker's.
The Doctor formulates a plan of action, First of all, they will need a large amount of gold to use against the Cybermen. For this, they go back to the water planet from Issue 2 - Naia VII - which has large gold reserves.
The other part of the plan is to reinstate the Borgs' higher functioning. The Cyber-Controller has deleted everything - so a copy of their Core Memory must be obtained from the past, to effectively reboot them. The Doctor needs precise space-time co-ordinates for a known Borg Cube location - and he is given the details of the Battle of Wolf 359.
He, Amy and Rory travel in the TARDIS to the Borg Cube - where they encounter Locutus of Borg...

As of last issue, I thought things were moving very slowly. Whilst there is still a distinct lack of action - and Cybermen - things do now seem to be hotting up. Since the Cybermen returned in 2006, their susceptibility to gold has never featured. Seems it is still a weakness for the newer design.
Whilst ST:TNG episode Best of Both Worlds is again directly referenced, A Christmas Carol is also referenced with a mention of Sardick.
One on-going gripe of mine is the realisation of Rory. Some of the likenesses are superb - but you rarely see anyone who looks remotely like Arthur Darvill whenever Rory features.

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