Thursday, 2 August 2012

The New Trailer

The trailer for the first half of series 7 appeared this morning on the BBC websites (UK & America). It will have its TV debut around 8pm tonight, in the middle of the Olympics coverage (Team GB 5th last time I checked thanks to 4 golds so far).
The majority of clips derive from Asylum of the Daleks, whilst there did not appear to be any glimpses from Cubed.
What can we garner from the 90 second trail?

Asylum of the Daleks - The Doctor, Amy & Rory are captured by the Daleks (an army of bronze ones with Red Paradigm Drones in attendance) and transported to one of their Saucers. There is a human character in one scene who may be a mercenary / bounty hunter who has captured them? He's not a fellow captive as he pushes them into a light tunnel which drops them down onto a snow covered planet which is protected by a forcefield - the Asylum of the title?

Other scenes from this story include a battle (with what looks like a 1970's style Dalek in the foreground), plus the aftermath, with Rory surveying the devastation and the Doctor carrying an injured Amy - as with the new publicity image.

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship - The Edwardian explorer played by Rupert Graves and Nefertitti, whom the Doctor drags into the adventure aboard a massive spaceship - along with the Ponds and Williams Snr.

David Bradley's character - Solomon - also appears (we now know he captains the ship and is a seedy pirate figure). His two huge robots are seen. First glimpses of the titular dinosaurs - Raptors, a Triceratops (ridden by the Doctor and Rory's dad) and some Pterodactyles which chase the Doctor, Rory and his dad across a beach (the same one used for Bad Wolf Bay etc.).

A Town Called Mercy - The Doctor talking about feeling responsible for the victims of the Master and the Daleks. The cyborg gunslinger, and Adrian Scarborough's character. Horse riding etc. Nothing really new.

Episode 5 (Angels in America? Angels of Liberty?) - The Doctor and Amy in Manhattan, our first official glimpse of River Song in Sam Spade mode, plus a creepy cupid statue which blow's out Rory's match.

The only scene I can't place with certainty is an exploding planet. I suspect it may be the Dalek Asylum. Nothing from beyond the fifth episode - which is only right.
The new companion will get her day very soon. In a few weeks time it will be all about the last days of Amy and Rory.

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