Tuesday, 14 August 2012

New episode titles, new title sequence

News starting to circulate from this evening's première of Asylum of the Daleks at the NFT on London's South Bank - of the non-spoilery variety.
Two episode titles revealed - Episode 4, which Comic-Con reports had said was called "Cubed" is actually The Power of Three, and the final Ponds story, episode 5, is titled The Angels Take Manhattan (is Moffat a Leonard Cohen fan?).
(Earlier, the title of episode 10 was given as The Hider in the House by its director). He posted a new image, featuring the Doctor with actor Dougray Scott who plays a professor.

There are definitely no two-parters. Apparently there has been a change to the title sequence - possibly each episode might have its own variations.

Earlier this evening, I posted that August 25th seemed unlikely as a launch date, due to the Radio Times not having it highlighted for next week's issue. Seems I was right - September 1st is apparently the date to put in your diaries.

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