Sunday, 26 August 2012

That Was The Week That Was 26.8.12

Asylum of the Daleks has now received a further 2 preview screenings - one in Edinburgh, and the other at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York. Matt Smith & Karen Gillan were in attendance at the latter, along with Caro Skinner. You'll see from the picture above that they arrived by DeLorean.
The Q&A session is going to be posted on You Tube - but not until 1st September.

Steven Moffat was at the Edinburgh Television Festival. He has had a bit to say about the new series and the upcoming anniversary - both at the festival and in a recent interview with SFX magazine.
On the subject of returning characters, he has ruled out the likes of the Rani, as no-one in general would know who she is. His intention is to keep Doctor Who in the mainstream public eye rather than pandering to sections of fandom (quite right too IMHO).
The only significant new series news he mentioned is that the storyline of episode 4, The Power of Three, takes place over the course of a year.

As well as new Asylum images and the "Predator" trailer, biggest news of the week has to be the 5 part Pond Life mini-episodes which commence from noon tomorrow.

We are finally going to get a Rory action figure - images of a couple of versions released this week. See my earlier post on the Bodywarmer Variations.

Lastly, we must mention the passing yesterday of Neil Armstrong. It is, of course, his iconic "One small step..." moment which the Doctor uses to engineer the downfall of the Silence at the end of Day of the Moon.

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