Monday 13 December 2021

On This Day... 13th December

Today, in 1975, saw the debut of the fourth and final episode of The Android Invasion. This was more than just a story finale - it marked the proper end of the UNIT era. Yes, they would be back in a couple of stories time, but there wouldn't be a single member of the UNIT team we knew present.
Today's episode didn't feature the Brigadier, as Nicholas Courtney was enjoying a long run in a stage play, but it did feature John Levene as Benton, and Ian Marter as Harry Sullivan, in their final Doctor Who appearances. The story was directed by someone who knew UNIT all too well - Barry Letts, who had produced all but one of the Jon Pertwee stories.
Unfortunately, it was a poor send off for these two characters - especially Benton. He is last seen lying lifeless on the floor, and could be dead for all we know. For most of the story the two actors play android versions of themselves, so are lacking the very character which we loved them for.
The other episode which debuted today was Part Four of State of Decay, in 1980.

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