Sunday 19 December 2021

J is for... Jones, Leo

Leo was the younger brother of Martha Jones. He had a partner and a two year old daughter, Keisha. The Doctor first met Martha on the day of Leo's 21st birthday. There was to be a party that evening, but his father was planning on bringing his new girlfriend, to the annoyance of his mother. The following evening Leo accompanied his mother, Francine, to an event planned by older sister Tish - the unveiling of Professor Lazarus' latest invention. The device caused Lazarus to mutate and attack the guests, and Leo was amongst those injured. He was saved by the Doctor and Martha, suffering only a mild concussion.
A few days later, Leo and his partner went to the south coast for a short holiday, so were away from London when new Prime Minister Harold Saxon - really the Master - rounded up the rest of the Jones family. Leo was able to remain hidden with his family for the duration of the "year that never was", when the Master and the Toclafane ruled the Earth.

Played by: Reggie Yates. Appearances: Smith and Jones, The Lazarus Experiment, The Sound of Drums (2007).
  • Yates was already well known as a TV presenter and actor (Grange Hill amongst others) when cast as Martha's brother. He only really cameos in two of his three episodes, The Lazarus Experiment providing his most substantial appearance.

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