Sunday 12 December 2021

On This Day... 12th December

It was The End of Tomorrow for the Doctor and his companions in The Dalek Invasion of Earth today in 1964. This was the story's fourth instalment. William Hartnell did not feature as he had injured his back during the recording of the previous week's episode. Actor Edmund Warwick appeared briefly in his costume, with his back to camera, at the start of the episode then collapsed in a faint - so that the Doctor could be written out of the action. Warwick, who had played botanist Darrius in The Keys of Marinus, would go on to play the android Doctor in The Chase. There may have been a similarity with his back to us, but it certainly wasn't there when you saw his face.

Today's birthday of note is that of Sarah Sutton, who turns 60. She played companion Nyssa of Traken, introduced towards the end of Tom Baker's tenure. She was Peter Davison's favourite companion. A child actor (The Moon Stallion, Alice in Wonderland), Sutton never went to drama school, which is something she regretted. After Doctor Who work dried up, so she gave up acting to concentrate on family. She still portrays Nyssa on audio.

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