Monday 25 June 2018

E is for... Emojibots

Diminutive robots which acted as an interface between a group of human colonists on the planet Gliese 581d and the Vardy - tiny machine creatures which could combine to create whole buildings. The Vardy were programmed to ensure that the colonists would be happy, but the death of one of the humans elicited an outpouring of grief amongst her friends and family. The colonists were then killed by the Vardy, to eliminate this unhappiness. The Emojibots distributed small mood display discs which automatically positioned themselves on the wearer's back - lest seeing the emotion displayed might affect one's mood. The disc would always show the true emotion which the wearer was feeling. This mood was reflected in the facial display of the robot, which otherwise resembled a small black and white space-suited figure.
The Emojibots got their name from their emoticon language.
The Doctor was able to reboot the Vardy through a damaged Emojibot - so that they no longer killed those who were unhappy. However, the creatures had evolved into a new form of life, so the Doctor insisted that the humans live in peace with them.

Played by: Kiran Shah and Craig Garner. Appearances: Smile (2017).
  • Shah was Elijah Wood's body double throughout the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and had previously portrayed the "bedspread monster" in Listen.

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