Monday 25 June 2018

E is for... Elizabeth R

Shortly after he had helped defeat the Carrionites, the Doctor was at the Globe Theatre with Martha Jones and the playwright William Shakespeare. The Bard was surprised to hear that Queen Elizabeth had arrived, as she never came to the theatre, but events at the previous night's performance were the talk of London. The Queen recognised the Doctor, and ordered her guards to kill him. He was forced to run back to the TARDIS with Martha, explaining to her that he had no idea why the Queen wanted him dead.

Towards the end of his tenth incarnation, attempting to delay his visit to the Ood-Sphere, he landed in 16th Century England. Here he met a younger version of the Queen and he began to woo her. This was because he suspected her of being a Zygon duplicate. During a picnic, he discovered that it was not Elizabeth who was the duplicate but her horse. The Zygon later did disguise itself as the Queen, but the real Elizabeth killed it. The Doctor encountered two of his other incarnations - one from his past, and another from his future. All three were locked up in the Tower of London by Elizabeth. However, she had not locked their cell door, and freed them when Clara Oswald arrived looking for her Doctor. Elizabeth revealed that there was a party of Zygons living in London, and they were taking refuge within a number of paintings using stasis cubes - Time Lord art. They planned to wait within the pictures until the Earth was more advanced. Elizabeth then held the Doctor to his promise to marry her. However, immediately after the service, the Doctor departed in the TARDIS with Clara and his other selves.

Elizabeth established a secret gallery where the Zygon paintings could be stored - the Under Gallery - and appointed the Doctor its custodian. Presumably it was because he never came back to her following their wedding that she was furious with him on seeing him at the Globe.
The Doctor let it be known that Elizabeth's nickname of the Virgin Queen was not accurate.
The Third Doctor had claimed to have been at Elizabeth's coronation, but he was not sure and thought it might have been Queen Victoria's.
Elizabeth's court had been selected by Barbara Wright to view on the Space Time Visualiser. She saw the Queen converse with Shakespeare and Francis Bacon. She pretended to disapprove of the character of Falstaff, as it had offended one of her courtiers, but then asked Shakespeare to write the play that would become The Merry Wives of Windsor.

Played by: Vivienne Bennett, Angela Pleasence, Joanna Page. Appearances: The Chase (1965), The Shakespeare Code (2007), The Day of the Doctor (2013).
  • Page is best known for Gavin and Stacey, the popular BBC3 comedy.
  • Pleasence is the daughter of actor Donald Pleasence. The two acted alongside each other in the portmanteau horror film From Beyond the Grave.

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