Sunday 17 June 2018

E is for... Elders

The ruling council on an unnamed planet, encountered by the First Doctor. Their people were technologically advanced, and the Elders had even been able to monitor the Doctor's travels through Time and Space. The Doctor and his companions, Steven and Dodo, discovered that their peaceful and idyllic society was based on a terrible secret. They captured primitive humanoids from a valley close to their city and drained them of their life-force, transferring it into themselves. Knowing the Doctor would never approve of this, the Elders' leader, Jano, decided that he would have his life-force extracted. Instead of apportioning it throughout the population, Jano would take all of it for himself. However, much of the Doctor's character and morality was also transposed, so that Jano came to accept the injustice of what his people were doing to the primitives. He decided to work with the Doctor to bring the transferences to a halt. He helped the Doctor and his companions break into the city, where they smashed up the transference laboratory. The Elders and their people would live in  harmony with the people they once exploited. To lead them forward, they invited Steven to stay on as their new ruler.

Played by: Frederick Jaeger (Jano), Tony Douglas, Royston Farrell, Keith Ashley. Appearances: The Savages (1966).

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