Monday 25 June 2018

E is for... Elliot

Elliot Northover was a young boy who lived in the small Welsh village of Cwmtaff in 2020. His father, Mo, worked at a deep drilling project which was run by his father-in-law Tony Mack. Elliot's mother, Ambrose, ran the local meals-on-wheels service. Elliot loved literature but was dyslexic, so was rarely without a talking book to listen to. When the TARDIS materialised in the village churchyard, he and his mother mistook Rory Williams for a policeman, come to investigate the mysterious disappearance of coffins from their graves.
The drilling project had disturbed a Silurian city deep beneath the earth, and a number of soldiers had been awakened from suspended animation to deal with the threat. Everyone took refuge in the church, but Elliot slipped out to fetch his earphones and was captured by the Silurians. His father had previously been abducted, along with Amy Pond. She escaped and freed Mo, and they discovered Elliot being held in suspended animation, to be studied by the Silurian scientists Malohkeh. He released the boy once the Doctor started peace negotiations between the Silurians and the humans.
Later, once it had been agreed that the time was not right for the Silurians to live side by side with humanity, the Doctor urged Elliot to help pave the way for future peaceful coexistence.

Played by: Samuel Davies. Appearances: The Hungry Earth / Cold Blood (2010).

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