Sunday 10 December 2017

C is for... Creet

A young boy who helped out at the rocket silo on the planet Malcassairo. He was amongst the last members of the human race at the end of the universe, hoping to find continued survival in the place known as "Utopia". When the Doctor, Martha and Jack came into the compound with a man named Padra, Creet helped the latter find the rest of his family who were sheltering there. Later, Creet told Martha of his hopes for Utopia, claiming that his mother had told him that the skies were made of diamonds. Creet left the planet when the Doctor helped to launch the rocket.
Later, the Master arranged for the Toclafane to travel back through time to attack the Earth. Martha disabled one of the creatures and opened up its casing - discovering that it contained a cyborg human head. The creature mentioned Utopia's skies being made of diamonds - and she realised that the Toclafane were what those last humans on Malcassairo had become. They had a shared mind, which included that of Creet.

Played by: John Bell. Appearances: Utopia (2007).

  • Bell was nine years old when he won the part of Creet in a competition organised by Blue Peter.
  • He has gone on to great things - playing Bain in the second and third of The Hobbit movies, Perseus' son Helias in Wrath of the Titans, and the younger version of Ewen Bremner's character, Spud, in the Trainspotting sequel. He has recently joined the cast of Outlander.

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