Sunday 3 December 2017

C is for... Cotton

A senior security guard on Skybase One, which orbited the planet Solos. He and his partner Stubbs were playing chess one day when an alarm sounded indicating that a storage bay door had malfunctioned. This was the work of the Doctor, who had been sent to the Skybase by the Time Lords to deliver a message capsule to someone on the station. This proved to be the young Solonian rebel Ky. Cotton and his partner were unhappy at being away from Earth, and this dissatisfaction led them to co-operate with the Doctor against their commander - the Marshal. Unhappy that Solos was to be handed back to its native population, the Marshal had decided to seize control of it for himself, changing the toxic atmosphere to make it breathable for humans. He arranged for the Administrator sent to Solos to arrange the handover to be assassinated. Cotton and Stubbs joined the Doctor and Jo on Solos, where they took refuge in the thesium mines. The Marshal discovered their treachery and tried to seal them all in the tunnels, which were pumped full of poison gas. Cotton and the others took refuge in the home of Prof. Sondergaard. On returning to the Skybase, Stubbs was killed. Cotton and Jo were imprisoned with Ky and Sondergaard in the station's refuelling chamber. They were freed when Ky evolved into a super-being. Once the Marshal had been destroyed by Ky, Cotton was placed in charge of the Skybase - to begin preparations for the return to Earth.

Played by: Rick James. Appearances: The Mutants (1972).

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