Sunday 3 December 2017

C is for... Costello, Suzie

Captain Jack Harkness' second-in-command at Torchwood's Cardiff base. She became obsessed with her investigations into the Resurrection Glove - a metal gauntlet which could bring people back to life for a minute or so. This obsession led her to steal an alien weapon and use it to murder people, so that she could use the Glove on them. Torchwood was then called in to investigate these same crimes. WPC Gwen Cooper saw the alien bladed weapon when she visited Torchwood's Hub - being worked on by Suzie - but Jack Retconned her so that she would not remember the visit. The image stayed with her, however, and she realised who the killer was. On going to the Hub she met Suzie as she was about to flee. Suzie explained that it was impossible to walk away from Torchwood, and that her crimes were sure to be found out soon. She was going to shoot Gwen when Jack appeared. She shot him instead, then killed herself.
Her body was stored in the Hub's vaults. Some time later, the police called in the team to help investigate a number of murders where the victims' blood had been used to write "Torchwood" at the crime scene. A link between the victims was found - a support group which Suzie had attended. Jack decided to bring her back with the Glove to learn more. It was Gwen who successfully resurrected her, and bizarrely Suzie stayed alive for more than a minute or two. She had planned her resurrection well in advance, by overdosing one of the support group with Retcon to the extent that he had become psychotic. He was caught and locked up in the cells, where he recited a poem on hearing the word "Torchwood" which voice-activated a power failure and lock-down of the Hub. Suzie had worked on Gwen, convincing her that she only wanted to visit her terminally ill father who was in hospital, and that she posed no risk. Gwen smuggled her out of the Hub before the power failure. The Glove had created a link between the two women, however. Suzie was being kept alive by draining Gwen's life-force. She would live, whilst Gwen would die. At the hospital she murdered her father, whom she had always despised. Trying to flee the country at a ferry port, Torchwood caught up with her. She could not be killed until the Glove was destroyed. Her body was returned to the Hub.

Played by: Indira Varma. Appearances: TW 1.1 Everything Changes, TW 1.8 They Keep Killing Suzie (2006).
  • Suzie Costello was scheduled to reappear in the second series of Torchwood, being resurrected once again, but Indira Varma was pregnant at the time and so this never came to pass.

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