Sunday 10 December 2017

C is for... Crane, Nurse

Nurse Crane was employed to look after the scientist Professor Judson, who had been confined to a wheelchair for many years. She accompanied him to a military base on England's north east coast in 1943, where Judson was building his Ultima decoding machine. The fiercely independent Judson hated being looked after, but the stern nurse put up with his insults and hectoring ways. When the Ultima Machine decoded the ancient curse created by Fenric and freed him from his imprisonment, it was Judson's body that he first took over for himself. Retaining the professor's memories, he took great relish in setting the vampiric Haemovores on the nurse.

Played by: Anne Reid. Appearances: The Curse of Fenric (1989).

  • The novelisation fleshes out Nurse Crane's character, making her a Soviet agent who is part of the plot to steal the Ultima Machine.
  • Reid returned to the programme in 2007, to play the Plasmavore Florence in Smith and Jones.

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