Sunday 24 September 2017

C is for... Chellak

General Chellak was the commander of the Androzani Major military forces operating on the planet's twin world - Androzani Minor. He was waging a war with Sharaz Jek and his android army for control over the planet's Spectrox supply. This plant could be processed to create a drug that prolonged life. Jek and a businessman named Morgus had once worked together to supply Spectrox, but the two had split. Greedy to control the whole supply for himself, Morgus had tried to kill Jek, but only succeeded in scarring him, and Jek was now preventing supplies reaching Major. Morgus was powerful enough to be able to order Chellak around. Chellak was not a strong leader, but his efforts were being further hampered by his second-in-command, Salateen. Chellak did not know that he had been abducted months ago, and replaced by one of Jek's androids.
Pressure began to mount to bring the conflict to a speedy resolution, even if it meant agreeing terms with Jek. Morgus could not allow this, as he had been secretly arming Jek in order to justify the war. Chellak was ordered to make a final push to destroy Jek. Salateen escaped and informed the general of the android duplicate. Chellak sent it on a diversion whilst he led his troops against Jek's base.
This coincided with the start of a mud-burst. Jek trapped Chellak in the tunnel outside his base, where the general perished in the scalding mud.

Played by: Martin Cochrane. Appearances: The Caves of Androzani (1984).

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