Sunday 24 September 2017

C is for... Cheen

A young woman who was travelling on the Motorway beneath New New York with her boyfriend Milo, in the year 5 Billion and 53. She had just learned that she was going to have a baby, and they were keen to get out of the city to start a new life. Out of desperation, they abducted Martha Jones, as vehicles with three people aboard could access the Fast Lane at the bottom of the Motorway. Cheen was using Mood Patches, which Martha removed due to her being pregnant.
Unfortunately, cars in the Fast Lane were being attacked by Macra, which thrived on the toxic gases concentrated at the lowermost levels.
The Doctor and the Face of Boe were able to open up the Motorway to the sky, and Milo and Cheen were able to travel up to the city, where they would have started their new life.

Played by: Lenora Crichlow. Appearances: Gridlock (2007).

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