Sunday 17 September 2017

C is for... Chaplet, Anne

A servant girl from the household of the Abbot of Amboise, in Paris, 1572. She was a Huguenot, from the town of Vassy. A notorious massacre had taken place here some years ago, when the Catholic Guise killed many Protestants. Anne overheard the town being mentioned by the Abbot, and suspected that a similar atrocity was being planned for Paris. She ran away, and fell into the company of some young Huguenots whom Steven Taylor had befriended. She told them of what she had heard, and they tried to warn Admiral de Coligny, France's most influential Huguenot. She helped Steven get into the Abbot's household, where he was surprised to find that the elderly cleric looked just like the Doctor. She went on the run with him after he became hunted by both the Catholic forces and the Huguenots, who now suspected him due to his belief that the Abbot was the Doctor. Anne took Steven to the apothecary shop of Charles Preslin, where he was reunited with the Doctor. On learning the date, the Doctor sent her away, telling her to keep off the streets for a few days.
Later, in the TARDIS, Steven learned of the St Bartholomew's Day Massacre, and believed that the Doctor had sent Anne to her doom. However, he soon met a girl whose name suggested that Anne might indeed have survived.

Played by: Annette Robertson. Appearances: The Massacre (1966).

  • There is a fan-theory that Steven might have slept with Anne, which would make him Dodo's ancestor. Had Anne given birth to a son, and remained unmarried, this would explain how the surname got passed down.

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