Sunday 17 September 2017

C is for... Chase, Harrison

A plant-obsessed millionaire encountered by the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith. Chase lived on a huge estate with his own private army. When a senior member of the World Ecology Bureau who was in his pay informed him of the recent discovery of a seed pod in the Antarctic, Chase was determined to have it for his collection. He sent one of his biologists - Keeler - to the South Pole, accompanied by a mercenary named Scorby, to seize it by any means.
Back in the UK, the Doctor traced Chase after finding a plant painting in the boot of the car which had been sent to waylay him. The artist was able to tell him that it had been bought by Chase - and he hadn't yet paid for it. Chase was determined to propagate the alien seed, and was prepared to let it use Sarah as a host, after hearing how it had infected one of the scientists at the Antarctic. The Doctor had identified the pod as a Krynoid seed. These plant forms consumed flesh and blood, and destroyed all animal life on planets where they became established.
Chase composed music for his plants, and disposed of his enemies by feeding them to a compost machine which spread their remains throughout is gardens.
Keeler became host to the Krynoid, and Chase nurtured his transformation. As the creature grew, it could influence local plant-life, and Chase fell under its mental sway. He no longer saw himself as human, but at one with the plant world. He did everything in his power to protect the Krynoid. When he tried to kill the Doctor in the compost machine, he fell into it himself and was crushed to death - so ended up feeding his own garden.

Played by: Tony Beckley. Appearances: The Seeds of Doom (1976).

  • Beckley is probably best remembered for the role of Camp Freddie in The Italian Job (1969).
  • His career was just taking off in Hollywood (one of his last roles was in one of the Pink Panther movies) when he died in 1979, aged only 50.

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